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Follow the white rabbit and step into a FASCINATING world.

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The chii community goes digital!

due to the current situation (COVID-19) and in order to protect our chii community and to keep us all healthy, we have decided to go online. 

Where: Online, Worldwide.

We know that great things happen when the hyperspectral community comes together and connects at chii conferences. For this reason, we are looking forward to meeting you all online in 2020.

Follow us on our online communication channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter). As usual, we will stay in touch with you via our communication channels and keep you up to date about our chii2020 conference.
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The white rabbit is back. So take the plunge and enter into the FASCINATING world of hyperspectral imaging. Join us on this adventure and discover the magic of hyperspectral imaging.

"Established by the industry, for the industry"


chii2020 is the international branch meeting for hyperspectral imaging (HSI) in industry.

The aim of the conference is to show the vast potential lying within the use of HSI. chii2020 is designed as an interdisciplinary crosslink between the various hyperspectral interest groups such as application, technology and service.
The conference focuses on industrial solutions for machine inspection and remote sensing as well as the future of HSI.
The conference is attended by leading HSI companies, representatives and experts from the current community of HSI in industry. Manufacturers of hyperspectral sensors, optics, lighting, software companies, hardware manufacturers, international distributors and many more will present to you their cutting edge products, newest developments and services. In this way you can benefit from a comprehensive market overview.
Past events have been visited by attendees from many different branches of industry, such as Food, Recycling, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals. With the ever-growing appeal of HSI, this year we anticipate attendees from further branches of industry, especially the Wood, Packaging and Medical sectors.

Industrial players attend chii to get updated about the impact of hyperspectral technology in today’s industry, to learn about existing products and established services and to network in this unique community setting. Pre-planned meetings are part of every chii event in order to facilitate networking.
The program will feature a dynamic mix of pitches, workshops and networking along with social events and exhibition opportunities. Get in touch with us: info@chii2020.com



“Learn how other organisations tackle their hyperspectral imaging challenges and present your solutions.”


The Collaboration Forum is the innovative pitching platform for your organisation to present your solutions at chii2020. In this session you can take the floor and pitch your ideas and challenges with the industry and initiate new contacts.
Each pitch lasts 10 minutes, which provides an ideal format to get a varied yet comprehensive overview of what is happening on the HSI scene.
Manufacturers of hyperspectral sensors, optics, lighting, software companies, hardware manufacturers, plant operators, international distributors and many more use this unique platform to present their innovative products and services, while simultaneously getting a comprehensive market overview from other perspectives.
Don’t miss the opportunity to present your products and services during the Collaboration Forum!  For further information contact us: info@chii2020.com
You can also reserve your own exhibition booth and present your solutions to the HSI audience. Further details available from info@chii2020.com



chii2020 will focus on three main topics:
Machine Inspection: Learn how industrial inspection in plant operations and production flows can enhance product quality. HSI enables the detection of material defects and irregularities. It is suitable for quality control and for sorting processes in the distinction of goods. As it is contactless, it does not influence your production process or harm your products.
Remote Sensing: Discover the industrial application of remote sensing technologies. Remote Sensing is suitable for watering management, seed crop phenotyping, fertilization, plant breeding, animal tracking and many more.

Future Technologies are on the rise and promise a remarkable impact in today’s application of hyperspectral systems. Miniturisation of hyperspectral sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud services are key topics which come to mind in this context.
With such a wealth of expertise at the conference, why not share the knowledge to make us all better equipped for the hyperspectral challenges we are faced with. To present your expertise and experiences at chii2020 please contact us: info@chii2020.com



„Get your seat at the table. Register your organisation and cooperation wishes, browse those of other participants
and plan your business meetings in advance.“


chii-Talks returns again this year to offer a platform for pre-planned face to face meetings. Don’t rely on ad hoc networking and make sure you get a few focused minutes with those you want to speak with by booking your meetings in advance.